Finding time

I am trying to find the best time to write.  In the morning Scooter is up and ready to rock and roll.  During his first nap I run 30mins on the treadmill, shower answer emails or phone calls while folding laundry or emptying a dishwasher.  Then Scooter is up and busy.  We run errands go on playdates etc.

During his second nap is when I do work stuff-money, reading, etc.  Then he is up again until he goes to bed.  I could do it at night-but with Cammon busy having to be AT work by 8am lately and working on weekends-I treasure the time he and I have after Scoots goes to bed.

Currently I am procrastinating getting the Scoot man up from his nap so I can write this-but most blog posts-for me anyway-take thought and pictures.

So in the meantime while I am figuring out a routine-because I will not give up my treadmill time-you can skip on over to www.lifecameraaction.wordpress.com where Cammon has finally put up some videos of things that have been happening.  So enjoy and I will try to work things out so to keep you up to date on our little Scooter


Thanksgiving Pics

So I’m trying to catch up with blogging.  I’ll start with Thanksgiving… We got up at 8am-yes Scooter is now sleeping until 8am in the morning which is great.  We turned on the Macy’s Thanksgviving Parade and we let him watch.  Then we put the little boy down for a second nap and just then got the call that the turkey was done.  So we waited till he got up and got to the house as others where finishing, but it all worked out because then there was room for Scooter to sit  at the table and enjoy his carrots.

We took pictures and ate pie and had a good time.  Scooter took a 30 minute third nap so then he was able to stay up longer and play with everyone.  It was fun and he did very well.

Here are some pictures of Scooter and the relatives.

Talking to GramTalking with Gram

Four generationsFour generations chilling on the couch

Learning WisdomImparting Wisdom

img_2194Fathers, Daughter, Mother and Sons

You can also check out some of the pictures from Gram’s blog too.

Must have Monday-Aveeno

We, like most first time parents were plenty concerned with things that wouldn’t cross one’s mind any other day.  One of these things was bathing baby. How often, when, how much soap, not enough soap and which soap?

Since we had a hard time the first few weeks with the extra hospital stay, we found ourselves using the Johnsons Baby body wash the hospitals use and send you home with.  Not but 3 weeks later our son’s scalp started to peel.  I really really wanted to avoid the cradle cap (or cradle crap as we sometimes called it) so I did some research.  I found out that there were a lot of moms complaining about the Johnsons wash and how they switched and saw almost immediate improvement.

So I talked to Cammon and we figured since we use the best, why not treat our baby to the best.  So we went and bought Aveeno baby lotion and body wash for our little Scooter.   That night we gave him a bath-and the next day his dry scalp was gone.  We have never had another flake since.

Every night before bed Cammon gives Scooter a baby massage using the Aveeno Baby Lotion and he loves it!  We also have never had a problem with dry skin and I believe its from the lotion.

We have since moved to trying out regular Aveeno lotion for the nighttime massage and haven’t seen any problems, but I’ll keep you up to date on that.

The funny thing is that Aveeno makes its own products EXCEPT for the baby products.  Johnson and Johnson makes those products-or at least has their name on the bottle.  I’m not sure why then it seems to work better than the original Johson’s products.  Cammon’s theory is that it still has to meet Aveeno regulations or expectations or something so it is still made better.  I’m not sure.

All I know is that when I had cracked and bleeding hands-it was finally as an adult someone introduced me to Aveeno-my friend’s son had exema and thats what the doctor prescribe. I tried it and haven’t had a dry hand since.   Cammon, who uses lotion before he goes to bed AND when he first wakes up-he hates dry feet-LOVES Aveeno and nothing else can substitute for it.

We even bought a Costco package of the Aveeno baby body wash and plan to use it all and buy some more.  We’ve gotten so many comments on Scooter’s hair-yes it stands straight up-but also about how soft it is and I couldn’t be more proud!

Yoga with Scooter

So I was going through our pictures and realized what a rigorous schedule this little guy has to go through in order to become strong and if I did half of what he did, I wouldn’t have to worry about holiday fat build up!  So take a moment each day and make sure you treat yourself to a session of “Yoga with Scooter!”


First we start with stretching


Take note of the feet stretch too…


Don’t forget to stretch your neck


Now grab that foot and bring it as close to your body as you can


Like this-can you bring it to your mouth?


Now stretch that leg out and don’t forget the other one too!


Now stretch it out behind you


Now work the right arm


Then the left


Then get your exercise ball and work with it


Run with it between your legs while lying on your back


Now march in place for 5 minutes


Now don’t forget those push ups!


Do about 10 push-ups


While you’re down there do a few mountain climber reps


Then don’t forget to do your cool down stretches


Then do a whole body stretch


Now, don’t forget to take a shower before you do anything else because you might have worked up a sweat


And don’t forget your wheaties!!

Do this every day and I promise that you will be feeling healthy and happy all day long. And that ends your yoga session with your instructor Scooter Man.


Thanksgiving Laughter

There are some pictures from Thanksgiving, but it is late, so for now, I will leave you with a video of Scooter Thanksgiving night.  It seems as though someone had a little too much bubbly that night…

Catching up

Oh there has been so much going on that I need to catch up so here we go!

Little Scooter has been working very hard to be a good boy.  He is such a joy!  When ever someone says that 6 months is magical-believe it!!  Over night he started sleeping better, laughing, talking and even crawling and walking!

He is making noises that include the R, F, D, B, M and sometimes V sounds.  There are still no distinct consonants-but definite sounds and sometimes even yelling.  He was yelling at pup the other day.

At 2am Monday morning Scooter learned clapping.  Its funny how he learned smiling at 2am and then talking and now clapping at 2am.  Its very cute, but would be even better if it Wasn’t at 2am in the morning.

We have started him on solids and are having some trouble.  He is very picky about what he eats and when he eats it.  Sometimes he makes faces before the food even reaches his mouth!!  Other times he will scarf down food but not nurse so well.  If we feed him solids after nursing, or even nursing half then solids then try and nurse half-he won’t nurse well.  Basically if he gets solids he doesn’t want the milk.  If he gets milk first, he doesn’t want the solids.  We are trying to find a balance.


Here is Gram feeding the Scoot Man before we got a real highchair.


He likes pears…


In his new highchair.

Yes, I did say walking.  Walking here, walking there, everywhere.  He even gets upset that I’m holding his hands because he wants to do it on his own.  He is standing on his own-except he hasn’t quite gotten the full concept of “holding on”  so I have to stay near by when he lets go.  He is using things to pull himself up to a standing position.  Walking and standing is all he loves.  Its almost been a hinderance to his crawling.  He didn’t understand for the longest time that crawling gets him places.  He would be on the floor and whine for me to come help him-not pick him up, but to stand and walk


Here he is trying to get my attention

He so does not want to crawl that he is refusing to use his knees.  He is trying to learn to go from stomach to kneeling and then from kneeling to standing.  Here are a few pictures of him “crawling.”  He uses his toes to push and ends of doing a sort of jungle crawl.  I know he will get fast soon, but because he is learning this way-it might take longer than usual.  Of course I have no doubt that he will be walking soon too.  Just tonight he was balancing on a large exercise ball and pushing it down the hallway.  Cammon was right behind him, but he was performing this task by himself.

img_2117Trying to get up on his toes

img_2121Almost on his toes


There we go!  Now imagine him getting around the house using his toes to inch forward.  I imagine his is growing very strong toes and arm muscles!

So there you have it a walking talking Scooter who is just as adorable as ever!

Fun Friday post

So I was reading in the scriptures this week and something from a verse from the Book of Mormon Alma 7:20

The whole verse reads: “I perceive that it has been made known unto you, by the testimony of his word, that he cannot awalk in crooked paths; neither doth he vary from that which he hath said; neither hath he a shadow of turning from the right to the left, or from that which is right to that which is wrong; therefore, his course is one eternal round.”

It is spoken of Alma who had just left the judgement seat-kind of like a judge in a court of law-to speak to the people.  He is talking about the Lord not straying from what is right.

For some reason though, it must have been the week I had, I just pictured a person driving in a car, only making right hand turns-thus stuck going around and around in a circle around the block.  Which is definitley NOT the appropriate picture here-the Lord very much knows what he is doing and is not “stuck.”

But I couldn’t help it.  This verse made my week and every now and again I still get a smile on my face just thinking about this.

I also want to include Fact Friday-just some fun baby facts like:

A baby’s diaper will be changed on average 7,300 times by their 2nd birthday!